Vacature: Meewerkende teamlead afdeling onderhoud (Elektr/Mech) (dagpost)

12 Sep 2019

Omwille van uitbreiding van de activiteiten zijn er momenteel zijn er bij Haven Genk volgende vacatures:   TEAMLEAD [...]



  • Founded: 21 October 1936: S.A. du Port Charbonnier de Genck.
  • Result of a joint venture between the Limburg Coalmines and the Belgian State.
  • Coal from the Campine Coalmines was transported by rail. This coal was subsequently loaded onto ships, which in turn supplied various industries.
  • At the start of the 80's, Ebes decided to generate power from burning coal and a joint venture agreement was entered into with the 'Steenkoolhaven van Genk' to supply this power station with the necessary coal. A coal storage area was created in order to meet the supply.
  • KHG: On 13 February 1989, the 'Steenkoolhaven van Genk' was renamed 'KHG'.
  • Nv Haven Genk: In June 1997, the Group Machiels, ALZ and Sidmar acquired KHG, with a view to expanding its range of services. As a result, the port was renamed 'nv Haven Genk'.
  • Besides the transshipment of coal, general and bulk cargo, it was decided to expand the logistics side of the business and to create a container transshipment facility.
  • In 1998, a new master plan was developed for the construction of a trimodal container terminal, served by the network of waterways, railways and roads.
  • In 1999, the construction of a multimodal logistics platform was launched.
  • On April 10th 2000, Haven Genk introduced a direct barge link to Antwerp.
  • In January 2001, Haven Genk took another major step in intermodal transport by starting a direct rail link between Genk-Italy.
  • At the end of 2002, a direct barge connection Haven Genk-Rotterdam was added.
  • In 2003-2004, the railway infrastructure was modernised and the storage and transshipment capacity for intermodal transport was expanded.
  • Same happened with the conventional cargo and bulk terminal in the course of 2006-2007.


nv Haven Genk

Kolenhavenstraat 6 3600 Genk-Belgium

T +32(0)89-300 660

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